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Download 153k UHQ USA Base Txt UPDATED

The Health Physics Positions (HPPOS) Database (NUREG/CR-5569, Rev. 1, 1994) is a compilation of NRC staff positions on a wide range of topics involving radiation protection (health physics). It consists of over 300 documents in the forms of letters, memoranda, and excepts from technical reports. The HPPOS Database was developed by NRC Headquarters and Regional Offices to help ensure uniformity in inspections, enforcement, and licensing actions.

Download 153k UHQ USA base txt

Many of the positions in the HPPOS Database are outdated, but the NRC staff has decided to make the database available to the public because it contains much valuable information on health physics issues related to regulation. The positions should not be considered authoritative by themselves and should not be relied on for regulatory compliance. For questions about these issues, consult NRC staff. 041b061a72

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