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Buy Used Android Phones

Thanks to various marketplaces, you can buy or sell a used Android smartphone with ease these days. The many options available lead to the paradox of choice, making it hard to find the best and most reliable platforms to use.

buy used android phones

eBay is a popular eCommerce site that does more than enable buying and selling used Android devices. The platform has a vast number of both users and sellers. As a buyer, eBay has one of the most vibrant communities of sellers to shop with, and you'll find the exact Android phone you need.

You can browse the website with ease, and there are a variety of filters that you can use to sort through the list of used phones on offer. Filters include network, condition, storage, memory, and color, to name a few. Of course, as a buyer, you'll need to know what to look for when buying a used Android smartphone to get the best deal.

One of the best things about eBay is the wide variety of options, and it does have buyer protection. Also, eBay's Money-Back Guarantee feature is handy, ensuring that you can always get your money back if a deal doesn't pan out as expected. Some phones are sold through auctions, although you can still get the best deals without going through all of that trouble.

Swappa is another platform that enables the easy purchase and selling of used Android phones. The platform has been around for a while and is pretty reputable. The biggest selling point for using Swappa is that it manually approves listings. This means whatever you see on the platform will be that way when it arrives through your door.

But if that's not enough, Swappa uses PayPal so you can always have your money back in case you don't get what you paid for. Shipping is free since the cost is included in each listing on the platform, unlike eBay. Swappa's quality rating is a plus which categorizes phones into three classes: mint, good, and fair.

You won't pay a fee to sell your used Android phone on Swappa. Unlike eBay, buyers pay to buy on the platform. However, the good thing is these fees are included in the sale price. That way, whatever price you see on Swappa is final.

Given that the company personally handles phones, what you see is what you get for the most part. Each listing has a quality rating (fair, good, excellent), and you get to pick what fits your budget. You can also choose devices based on various factors like storage, color, and carrier.

The only downside with Gazelle is it no longer allows consumer-to-consumer sales. Besides, Gazelle's selection is not vast compared to other platforms like eBay. At the time of writing, the only used Android devices on Gazelle were from Samsung and Google. If you want devices from other Android OEMs, you should use eBay, Swappa, and other alternatives.

Decluttr is another solid platform you can use to buy or sell a used Android phone. It offers a wide selection of devices from different manufacturers apart from Samsung and Google. You'll also find phones from OnePlus, Motorola, Sony, Nokia, etc.

Craigslist is another platform for buying and selling nearly anything, including Android phones. The platform is available in nearly every city worldwide, and you certainly will find what you're looking for, thanks to its vast user numbers. However, getting a good deal will require some effort to sift through the tens, if not hundreds, of options available.

Selling or buying a used Android smartphone shouldn't be a hassle. eBay and Craigslist offer a wide variety of selections if you want to buy. At the same time, Swappa, Decluttr, and Gazelle guarantee better value for money through their manual inspection and approval process.

The best used smartphones are a great way to save money, and in this economy ever penny you save is a win. A shiny new flagship might be a satisfying purchase, but the used market helps you save money without sacrificing too much functionality and performance.

The best phones always get a generous price cut when their successors launch, and those are great places to start. And with some people religiously upgrading year after year, it's easy to pick up a gently-used handset for a much more affordable price. Whether you want a shiny iPhone, a Samsung, or something else entirely, these are all the very best used smartphones you can buy right now.

Both phones still have the A15 Bionic chipset, with the iPhone 14 Pro range getting exclusive use of the more powerful A16 Bionic. The iPhone 14 does get an extra core in the GPU, mind, but the difference isn't as stark. Both phones also come with the same display and dimensions, though the iPhone 13 has a one hour shorter battery life and no autofocus on the front-facing camera.

The iPhone SE 2020 is already a great value phone, but picking up a used model means you can save even more on Apple's budget iPhone. Your savings will be limited, considering the phone's $399 MSRP, but now that the iPhone SE 2022 is here the second generation model's price is going down.

OnePlus produces some fantastic phones, though they certainly release a lot of them. Which is why picking up last year's OnePlus 10 Pro is always worth thinking about. With the OnePlus 11 on sale, you can expect to find the previous device for a lot less than it would have cost you this time last year.

Now that the Pixel 6a is here you're going to start seeing the Google Pixel 5a drop in price. So $449 was a little too pricey for you, then you'll want to keep your eyes peeled. We dubbed the Pixel 5a the "king of affordable phones" thanks to it's impressive feature set, wrapped up in a low-priced package.

Deciding which used smartphone to buy is a bit harder than choosing a new phone, for obvious reasons. Aside from the fact you want to ensure the particular device you're looking at is in acceptable condition, you also have to consider whether or not the model you're interested in will be up to the task to handle what you expect to throw at it.

Flagship smartphones are more powerful than many of us realize, and so even if you buy a device that's two years old, you're still likely to get a phone that's more than powerful enough to handle everyday tasks. From browsing social media apps and websites, to GPS navigation, video and music streaming and snapping photos.

We use a light meter to ascertain display quality data, like brightness and color accuracy, and our proprietary battery test determines longevity on a charge by continuously loading live webpages over a 4G or 5G network. We set each phone to 150 nits of screen brightness and try to use T-Mobile's network each time in order to achieve comparable results across phones.

Over the last few years, the cost of smartphones has skyrocketed. As a result, it's no longer uncommon to see phones being sold for $1,000 or more, making the decision to buy a new handset quite the investment. Thanks to the ever-growing used smartphone market, though, it's rather easy to take the sting out of those increasing prices.

You can probably get the best deal by buying directly from someone else because no intermediary is taking a fee, but you also risk the phone having issues that the naked eye can't see. If you know exactly what you want and know what to look for, you're probably going to be comfortable buying a used phone from a direct marketplace like Craigslist, Swappa, eBay, or one of many buy/sell forums.

Buying through an intermediary marketplace like Gazelle could work really well if you don't want to take any chances with the quality but still don't mind a bit of wear and tear. The phones often come with (admittedly limited) warranties and money-back guarantees, which, as a buyer, offer considerably more peace of mind than the average "meet up at the nearby 7-Eleven and hand over a wad of cash" type deal.

Finally, buying a certified refurbished phone is your safest bet but comes with the least discount over a new product. Carriers, retailers, and third parties all refurbish and sell used devices with varying levels of discount and inventory options. Yes, these phones are used, but they've gone through a (varying) set of checks to verify their condition and details before being cleaned up and passed on to you. There's a peace of mind associated with buying refurbished, but there's also a cost associated. If you're interested in going this route, there are plenty of options when looking for the best places to buy a refurbished phone.

Given the current pandemic, buying a phone that's been used by someone else might be something you're thinking twice about. It's normal to have some apprehension about used phones right now, seeing how germs and viruses can stick on devices if not properly cleaned/sanitized.

While that concern is perfectly valid, we want to reassure you that the possibility of contracting a virus from a used phone is pretty minimal. That said, there are some precautions we recommend taking if you want to minimize any chances of that potentially happening.

This is not an exhaustive list. There are innumerable places to buy a used phone on the internet. Also, depending on your country, this list may not be applicable (though we tried to highlight international marketplaces as much as possible).

Gazelle is one of the oldest players in the used smartphone game. While its business model recently changed to stop allowing anyone to trade in used phones online, it is still selling used devices through its own online storefront.

Gazelle tends to be slower to sell more recent smartphones on its website, but if you choose to buy something, the experience is pretty fantastic. Not only can you choose what condition you'd like your phone to be in (Fair, Good, or Excellent), but Gazelle also runs all of its devices through a 30-point inspection to ensure everything is in tip-top shape. If you get the phone and it isn't a good fit for whatever reason, you're protected by a 30-day return window.

Finally, Swappa's prices tend to be lower than many curated services, and because Swappa lists the sale history of phones of the same type, you're likely to get a fair price for the phone in the current market. 041b061a72

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