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Where Can I Buy Itunes Vouchers

It's difficult to track where the cash goes after the gift card is drained. If you find out later you've been scammed for money, the chances that you'll get the money back that was on the card are slim.

where can i buy itunes vouchers

Once you purchase these gift cards you can redeem the gift cards to create an account in the US iTunes Store without keying in valid US credit card information while registering. There are also lots of online stores where US iTunes gift cards can be purchased and payment is done by either bank transfer or by Paypal. The gift card code is scratched and forwarded via email within 12 hours after receipt of payment. The gift card code is then redeemed and used to download various apps from the iTunes store.

Its a SCAM.It would not be paypal customer services that you called it would be a FAKE number pretending to be paypal customer services.The number shows up when you use 'google' to find paypals number OR a scammer has posted a thread in this forum.Most times these threads get reported and removed but some slip through.The scammers post genuine advice but the phone number is in the title or post often in a strange format to get around paypals security.That is why paypal NEVER post their phone number on this forum.The only way to get the REAL paypal customer services number is via help / contact bottom left of paypal pages and scrolling down past the FAQ to the 'call us' option to phone them.If you think about it why would paypal ask you to buy google vouchers or itunes cards to answer your question or issue you a refund etc?

Siri will immediately open the iTunes Store into the gift card purchasing section, where you can simply fill out the cards recipient, the dollar amount of the gift card, and a message to accompany the gift.

If you paid a scammer with a gift card, tell the company that issued the card right away. When you contact the company, tell them the gift card was used in a scam. Ask them if money is still on the card, and if they can refund your money. If you act quickly enough, the company might be able to get your money back. Be aware that some companies will not return any money even if the gift card hasn't been used. Remember to keep the gift card itself, and keep the gift card receipt. Also, tell the store where you bought the gift card as soon as possible. 041b061a72

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