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Farzi (2023) Hindi Season 1 Complete

Kya web series hai meri jaan , maja hi agya. Best suspense,drama,action web series on Amazon prime on the money category Everything is perfectly organised in full of dramatic way. I love the acting of sahid Kapoor and Vijay sethupathi.I love watching this kind of movies related to money like money hiest,big short,margin call etc but this is just better than all of them. It's the best i would say.But one problem is that there is total 8 episode in season 1 but every episode is 1 hour long. So it will take time to complete the whole season at once, binge watching of 8 hours would be painful than going to hell with 100 sins.It would be a point of discussion the time management to watch it- which you alcan figure out by yourself but once you finish this season you will also say this is the best in the money category

Farzi (2023) Hindi Season 1 Complete


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