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When we say "cheap DJ equipment" at Cheap DJ Gear, we're not talking about the quality of the DJ systems -- we're talking about our "deeply and loudly" competitive prices! You've come to the right place for the best deals on the best DJ equipment. Whether you're shopping for a complete DJ system for a club or you're only looking for a small DJ system for your basement, we can help. Remember: deals on DJ equipment are not created equal. You can find DJ quipment for sale almost anywhere, so we're glad you held out for the discount DJ equipment of superior quality, for less. We would like to congratulate Black Tie Entertainment for their achievement as one of Akron Ohio's top wedding dj services. You can find them at


At Cheap DJ Gear, we'd like to let you in on a little secret. Obviously, selling the best pro Dj equipment at insanely competitive prices is great for you, the customer. But it's great for us, too. Why? It's because value is what brings customers back (sometimes with their friends) to buy more stuff! The equation is value = excellent service + excellent quality + excellent prices. It's not enough for us to sell high quality DJ Speaker Packages at near-wholesale prices if the service stinks. We could sell you the best DJ system in the world with the best service ever, but would you come back for other products if our prices were just so-so? No. If our prices and service were excellent but our Dj systems were just Cheap DJ Gear, it's the same story. That's why on every DJ Sound System and all of our complete Dj systems, with every last customer, we keep that little equation intact. When you get your pro DJ equipment from us, chances are you'll be ecstatic. Before long either you or your friends will find their way here for some cheap DJ equipment of their own. We love the way this works, because everyone wins. That just how we roll.

Find an incredible selection of professional DJ lighting, affordable DJ audio systems, quality stage lighting and professional up lighting, all great prices. Shop our site for name brand products from ADJ, Chauvet, Blizzard Lighting, JBL, EV, Behringer, Numark and many more.. Our disco lighting systems and club lighting offer the best bang for the buck!

It also stands out as one of the cheapest Serato controllers. This makes it a good choice as a gateway to more advanced gear. Despite a restricted feature set, it is still one of the best cheap DJ controllers to pick up if you are on a tight budget.

One of the many reasons we believe the Yorkville Yx10p is amongst the best DJ speakers in the market is because of its versatile nature as a set of speakers, as well as its incredible price point, making them one of the best cheap DJ speakers. Freely connect to iPods, instruments, mics, and more, thanks to the wide range of options on its input section.

Although not cheap, the Denon Prime 4 offers one of the most feature-heavy professional setups on the market today. The inclusion of the full version of Serato DJ Pro is also a nice little bit of sugar on top.

Why it made the cut: Compared to other standalone DJ systems, this setup does not hold back any functionality and offers the best touchscreen, connectivity, and overall feature set in its class.

Look into places that rent out sound systems or consider buying one if you think you may re-use it. Alternatively, ask around your family and friends to see if anyone has the equipment you can borrow. (Surely someone knows somebody who is in a band, right?)

Every DJ needs some type of speaker to be heard. Fortunately, battery-powered, portable speakers are the norm these days and the options range from the consumer level speakers to full-on professional level PA systems.

One of the easiest ways to run a remote DJ setup is to use a controller that can be powered entirely by a laptop. A USB bus-powered controller will be required, but these are offered in abundance, and are often on the cheaper end of the spectrum. A few examples of USB bus-powered controllers include:

I tried to go cheap a month ago at my own wedding by getting some friends to DJ for me using my equipment. If I had it to do over again, I would have found a way to come up with the money to hire somebody.

Although we are need cheap.. We are DJs and can give you a great deal... DJs are important at your wedding.. they keep the flow of your wedding going so you don't have to... they entertain, and make your wedding day fun!

Most house equipment I have seen is designed for spoken word and ambient music only. Rarely is it adequate enough to even approach dance floor volumes. Consider this when thinking of getting a cheap DJ. A DJ will have anywhere from **** dollars invested in his sound equipment and $50,000+ invested in his music collection. And thats just on the low end. As you can see the PA system is the smaller part of our investment. Using a house system just cuts down one hour of our time but can hinder our performance if its unfamiliar to us. Not all PA systems are set up or operate the same way.

If you go cheap or hire a family friend (with no wedding DJ experience) You will have ulcers by your wedding day worrying about it. If the event is lame, your guests will leave early. You will always regret not paying the extra money & hiring a DJ with wedding reception experience. A good DJ & sound system can make or break the event.

The ability to control the dynamic range and frequency balance with the rear onboard DSP using a single knob allows you to customize your sound for each performance depending on your location. Again, this is the most quality you will get out of a speaker in its price range so make sure you check out how cheap your first payment will be and read more excellent features we did not list!

Every DJ needs a good pair of headphones. You can of course just use earphone headphones which are a lot cheaper and affordable, but as I stated above in the beginning, in order to hear the best sound and DJ efficiently, you need a good pair of headphones.

Keep in mind, different people will speak differently into the microphone. Adjusting vocals is important to get a good quality voice out of everyone who intends to speak. Usually, the mic interface will connect to your DJ controller setup through a jack or XLR cable. Also, you can have multiple wireless microphones connected to it. Zzounds has a great selection of wireless microphone systems, such as the Shure Microphone System in the image below.

Thanks to the EDM explosion, DJ controllers are now cheaper than ever. Even a small budget can get you access to some surprisingly competent gear. In this guide, we'll look at some of the most affordable option in the market with our pick of the best DJ controller under $200.

Blame it on the EDM explosion, but DJ controllers have never been cheaper or better. While storied brands like Pioneer still rule the market, extremely competent offerings from brands as diverse as Numark and Behringer and Hercules deliver fantastic performance at affordable prices.

Overall, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 is a feature-filled, cheap controller for first-time DJs who wants to learn the basics of DJing, and professional DJs who are in search of a portable deck they can use at their leisure. 041b061a72

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