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Nero- Setup [PATCHED] Free

A massive package for 60 quid... But unfortunately it became defunct in many ways as Open-Source & freeware, much of which requires No Install Crept onto the Net. A useful tool in the package is "Nero InCD" which can be found most Anywhere, FREE.CD/DvD is a bit of a lost cause now..ONLY 2*The "Die-Hards" will find NERO useful, but do some research before Paying..!!Try @Sourceforge .. @Free-codecs .. OR go for a "Top 9" free video..@ -free-video-editing-software-9-top-programs-you-should-download-1136264OR Top 8 DvD Apps..@ -free-dvd-burning-software-1141938 .NO. I don't work for Techradar. That's what Google threw up..... Good Luck..!!

Nero- setup free

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